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Welcome To Jacquis Sunbed Studio

Jacquis Sunbed Studio has been established in the historical city of Salisbury for the past 27 years. The Family run sunbed studio was initially opened by Jacqui, Steve and Sonia, but the for last 11 years owned and managed by Sonia and Tony.

We offer horizontal and vertical sunbeds for use, which are maintained to the highest standards and our tanning tubes are regular changed to the specifications of the manufactures.

To boost that tan we have a wide range of tanning products available for sale.

Special promotions and offers are available at different times throughout the year.


Tips for tanning

Skin Type 1.
Sensitive Skin: Burns sometimes / everytime.
Hair: Red to Reddish Brown to Blonde.
Eyes: Blue, Light Gray
Skin: Reddish to Pale, lots of freckels
Skin Type 2.
Normal Skin: Rarely Burns
Hair: Dark Blonde To Brown.
Eyes: Dark Gray, Light Brown, Brown.
Skin Type 3.
Normal Skin: Rarely or Never Burns.
Hair: Dark Blonde, Dark/Very Dark Brown.
Eyes: Dark Brown.
Skin: Brownish, very few freckles.

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